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millions without power, dozens dead, and bills of dollars in damage and cleanup costs. >> never seen devastation like this in my life. >> we are going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet. rz >> and it's not over yet. as sandy continues to dump rain and snow throughout the east coast. sandy still causing problems for millions of people along the east coast. the store is being blamed for at least 50
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death, mostly from trees uprooted by the high winds. more than 8 million people are still without power in 17 states tonight. and it could be weeks before power is restored to everyone who is affected. so far new york and new jersey have been two of the hardest hit states with so much of atlantic city underwater. some airports continue to be closed, but limiting travel in the new york metropolitan area will resume tomorrow morning. also the new york stock exchange is expected to reopen tomorrow. an update on the rainfall totals so far. joermg town and delaware -- georgetown and delaware, over 10 inches. other locations like oceana and
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virginia, washington dc just under 6. rainfall totals have been excessive as sandy has made landfall. steady rain is continuing at this hour. but the coverage is decreasing as sand sestarting to weaken some. still heavy rains moving through new york, north into canada, and still seeing snow through west virginia. blizzard warnings still in tact through west virginia. the blue is snow, the purple is a rain/snow mix. the watches and warnings at this time, blizzard warning, that's the purple. winter storm warnings remain in effect. it's possible we could see up to a foot of snow additionally through west virginia through the overnight hours. and also seeing the gusty winds.the nexte expected to improve.
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a live look from new york city where the partially collapsed crane is still dangling over 57th between 6th and 7th avenues in midtown. and as we mentioned earlier, new york and new jersey have been especially hard-hit. this explosion at an electrical station is caught on tape. with much of lower manhattan into darkness, a generator failed at a downtown hospital. newborns had to be evacuated when the corridors began to fill with water. this photograph shows what happened in hobokin. 2 feet of water covers the runways at la guardia airport. >> this was a devastating
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storm. >> reporter: the atlantic ocean summers through beach -- surges through beach communities. residents have to wait 24 hours for rescue. these pictures from the jersey national guard show what's left of the town of seaside heights. sand on the streets, smoke rising from the ruins of a building destroyed by fire. the atlantic city boardwalk damaged, new jersey's governor says he had never seen anything like that it. >> the infrastructure damage here is exceptive. >> reporter: president obama will visit new jersey tomorrow. >> i think all of us have been obviously shocked by the force of mother nature as we watch it on television. at the same time we've also seen nurses at nyu hospital carrying fragile newborns to safety. we've seen incredibly brave firefighters in queens waist-deep in water
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battling infernos, and rescuing people in boats. >> reporter: as reggie kumar tells us, a local utility company packed up equipment and sent employees to help restore electricity to the millions still in the dark on the east coast tomorrow. >> reporter: 150 peing peing workers -- pg& e workers met tuesday and packed into buses. this is a picture of some in their safety air on their way to sacramento county where they boarded a flight to new york city. 60 pieces of equipment were also sent, including 4-bucket vehicles eric bulldozer, several flatbed trucks as well as trailers. they say they are looking forward to helping the millions who desperately need their lights back on. >> they don't know where we're from. but when they get their
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power back on, there's a lot of pride in that. we all enjoy seeing their face when is they finally get the power. >> reporter: these workers are prepared to work above and below ground in new york city. they plan to stay and help the big apple's utility company for about a month. the bay area is less than 12 hours away from the parade to honor the world series champ, the san francisco giants. crews have been working around the clock especially here at the civic center where the parade will end up. one million people are expected to attend. city officials are urging anyone who plans oncoming to take public transportation or get there early. the mayor says this year's parade will be a little different. >> in 2010 many of the players
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were kind of put on the cable car, and a lot of fans said we couldn't see them. they had to go from one side to the other. so this time i think we have individual vehicles for the players and their family members. so that's one major change. we'll come up market street, and then of course turn off at mcallister and make their way down here to the plaza. then the players will be invited into city hall, there'll be public viewing opportunities there on screens that will allow you to see everything that's happening and listen to everything that's happening. >> here's video of the giants' world series parade from november of 2010. they took a different route opting them to start near the transamerican pyramid. the new route may mean that the city and the giants have a few surprises in store.
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on wednesday morning, the giants' parade will travel a mile.5 through downtown san francisco -- a mile and a half through downtown san francisco. the parade is set to begin at 11:00 am. it will move west down market street, and all of the cross streets are going to be closed during the parade. the sidewalks will be open to the public. it will continue down market and make a right-hand turn on mcallister. it will reach the civic center plaza where there is a stage set up and there will be a victory celebration. and the mayor is set to give the team the key to the city. keep in mind there is rain in the forecast for wednesday.
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ever since the giants won the series on sunday, david thomas and his team at east west productions have been working nonstop to complete some of the floats which will be seen in the parade tomorrow. the deadline to finish these elaborate blows which will highlight the team and the city, 4:30 am tomorrow. you can see the crews putting finishing touches on decorations. fans already started to arrive in hopes of securing especially good spots for the ceremony tomorrow. and the victory parade for the giants tomorrow at 11:00. kron4 will cover the big victory parade starting one hour early at 10:00 am and carry it all the way through. coming up, witnesses on one
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northern california beach struggle to save a surfer suffering from a gruesome shark bite. and the pain at the pump is easing. >> later in this broadcast, ready for the big parade tomorrow. also the nba season is underway with lebron james doing his business. it's all later in this broadcast.
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how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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a man recovering after a shark attack in humboldt bay. he had a 17-inch shark bite and several other tears to his body. people on the beach jumped into the water and pull him to safety. >> four or five serious gashes from his nipple down to his hip, and he was bleeding out pretty good. so we hopped on him right away, me and one other guy that
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happened to be an emt. >> another surfer drove the woman to the hospital. he is expected -- the man to the hospital. he is expected to survive.
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information about an arrest
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made in connection with vandalism of a muni bus at 3rd and market. this happened on monday just after midnight. police say that this man, 22 years old, smashed a muni bus. he's been charged with felony vand him, destroying a passenger transit vehicle. this is just a number of arrests made following sunday's outbreak of violence. and police promise more if similar instances happen tomorrow. gas prices are going down in the bay area and kroosdz california. earlier this -- across california. the average prices now and why they're dropping. >> reporter: this is the most popular gas station in
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emiliville, and the average price is $3.99. but it has come down of an all-time high average of $4.67 a gallon. drivers are very happy to see the price go down. >> i was going to get on the freeway and race home, and i saw that it was under $4 a gallon and flipped a u-turn and filled up. it makes a difference from $80 a tank to $65. >> reporter: san francisco continues to have the highest gas prices in the state with an average of $4.27 a gallon. compare that to earlier this month, four there's 74 a gallon was the -- $4.74 a gallon. >> it's a little bit more -- i think there might be some kind of political mamoving going on -- maneuvering going on, but
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what deny know? >> reporter: the winter blend is in all of the gas stations now. and that's easier and cheaptory produce. and -- cheaper to produce, and the supply has steadily increased from earlier this month. rain is on the way as we head into tomorrow, it is not going to affect the giants parade but it could affect trick or treaters. fog already settling in. while the areas of dense fog and drizzle for the overnight hours, cloudy and cool through wednesday with the rain rolling into the afternoon. here's a look on satellite and radar. the tail end of the system is tapping into tropical moisture, and because of that, we're going to be seeing periods of heavy rain in the morning. the giants parade looks fine. but it is going to be on the cooler side. you're going to be dealing with dense fog and
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drizzle. by 11:00 in the morning, clouds and cool temperatures in the upper 50s. for the trick or treater, the rain looks like an obstacle. 6:00, the rain is approaching through the north bay. 7:00, heavier rain in santa rose alighter rain in napa. there is the possibility that this storm could move quicker. get out and trick or treat super early, we're talking 4:00 in the afternoon especially in the north bay. through the midnight hour, rain going with rain decreasing into thursday morning. rain for tomorrow afternoon. winds picking up as the rain moves through. and the warmer nicer weather will continue into the weekend. disney is buying lucas
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films, and the star wars franchise for $4.5 billion. they will be making the purchase in cash and stock. it willng a seventh film in the star wars series scheduled for release in 2015. in a statement today, george lucas said "it's now time for me to pass star wars onto a new generation of filmmakers. ." an a's outfielder wins a gold glove award. and it was anything but showtime for the new-look lakers tonight in los angeles.
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dwight howard, long night for the lakers. against the dallas team. nash did hit the 3 but only 7 points, 4 assists. kobe bryant, 22. but dallas beats the lakers on opening night 99-91. lakers in trouble. only 81 games remaining . lebron got his ring, and it just makes
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you think about a year ago, oh, he can't win the big one. now they're talking about, hey, he can mess with jordan. supposedly the most extravagant ring ever assembled. there goes lebron, 26 points, 10 rebounds. wade had 29. and the heat on opening night win 120-107. josh reddick was the man. he's the first a's outfielder to win this award since dwayne murphy in 1985. josh reddick, yes, wins the gold glove award. dallas braden, he once pitched a perfect game on
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mother's day with his grandmother who raised him in attendance. everybody bought into it. a great, great story of this perfect game. but he had nothing but problems with his arm, and the a's had the him go today. #450e8 -- let him go today. when you're a world champ, you get a taco bell appearance. >> we love you, angels! [ cheering and applause ] >> angel pagan, the giants center fielder at taco bell in red wood city. he made a few tacos, served a few customers. part of a campaign called steal a basement angel pagan at taco bell, ladies and gentlemen! why is that so funny? are you laughing at taco bell? >> [ laughter ] >> you know, when you win -- all of a sudden, angel pagan without exaggerating, let's say back in april, if he went to
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taco bell they wouldn't even have looked up. >> oh, they would have looked up! [ laughter ] >> then when you say world champion, people line the streets! >> you're right. all right , oh, jack in the box is -- my new thing. you could not go anywhere without somebody trying to leech off you. i'm walking in my car sponsored by -- you know, there's always something. jim harbaugh, just so he can say he watched the giants game. >> the team is really getting a lot of inspiration from what the giants have done this year. they've got a great morale, the way they care for each other, enjoy each other's company,
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fight for each other. very inspired by it and moved. >> jim harbaugh, opening up on the giants. >> have a good night.
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